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WordPress And WooCommerce Best Practices & Tutorial

WordPress And WooCommerce Best Practices & Tutorial

Okay.. time for some hard core truth (by which I mean no disrespect or harm..)

Always Use WordPress Child Theme And here’s Why:

You should ALWAYS use a child theme. If not, your changes will be lost as soon as an update hits you. And yes, when you buy A Theme, it comes with a child theme. Any theme developer that does not include a child theme should not be taken serious according to me. Use the child theme’s functions.php file for functions and use the style.css for styling such as fonts, colors etc. Stay away from plugins that does this job for you and learn to do it the right way

Learn the basics of WordPress and Woocommerce:

Learn the basics before you start “messing” around. By basics I mean general things about WordPress, the wp-config file, security etc. Plugins like WORDFENCE Security Plugin can be avoided if using .htpasswd and .htaccess file correctly. Learn and understand how WooCommerce works in general before you start your project. What are you selling and to whom? Is Woo the best option for you?

WooCommerce Product Image:

Consider making all your product images the same size. For example 700×700, this might save you some headache. and upload scaled images. For example your product image setting is 500*500 but you uploaded 1500*1400. WordPress will stretch it to fit the size but it will take more size and load times. So when size setting is 500*500 upload also image of this scale.

WordPress Image Optimization:

ALWAYS compress your images before uploading. This means every single image, not only product images. Here is a good example you can use: tinypng .com. Picture file size makes a big difference and specially on load time. Product picture should be between 30-50kb.

Learn About WordPress Plugins:

Learn about plugins. All it takes is one poorly written plugin and you’re screwed!

Always look for three things before using a plugin.

  1. When was it last updated?
  2. How many are using it?
  3. How does the support work?

Plugins that are rarely updated and where the developer doesn’t answer questions? STAY AWAY!

WordPress Hosting Recommendations:

Avoid cheap hosts and shared hosting. It is, in the long run, worth that extra cost. Use VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting! Checkout our answer about What Is The Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners and What is the best WordPress Hosting For WooCommerce?

How Many Products Woocommerce Can Handle?

It depends on a lot factors such as the server setup (you don’t really want shared hosting for obvious reasons), the database, PHP-memory, disk file size etc etc.

The last shop I did my best to manage failed to function after 120 000 products. Another one worked okay:ish until 250 000 products. But they were sluggish as hell.

Picture file size makes a big difference here and specially on load time. Product picture should be between 30-50kb.

WooCommerce has no problems with large amount of products. As long as your hosting/server can handle it.

Learn The Basics Of SEO:

Be unique and learn the basics of SEO and design before you even think about getting started. Starting a e-commerce store is easy. It takes 30 minutes or less. Getting visitors and being noticed online? That’s a completely different matter. For SEO Content Is King Remember That.

Content Is King in Online Marketing

Note: There are other options out there that might suit your setup better and if not – test, try and test again in a development environment (sub-domain or *AMP) before you decide that WP + Woo is the right choice for you and that you understand how to maintain it, keep it updated and most important; how to use it.

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Kody Ahrens
Kody Ahrens

I have 7,000 products + 35,000 orders on my woo store and it’s working great. I just want people know who may need a WooCommerce store similar to my size that it’ll work fine.