WIX Vs WordPress? Can I Create Blog With WIX?


I’m planning on starting a blog and monetizing it. I know WORDPRESS is popular, but I had two WordPress sites before and both of them turned into a nightmare. I’m not a techy. At all. My question is: Is WIX a good platform to use to build a blogging business? I use Wix for my freelancing website, and I really like everything about it. I have my own URL. If Wix isn’t a good choice for what I want to do, than what is?

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  1. WordPress is designed for blogging and really has the best set up with tags, categories, etc. So, here’s the thing. There are hundreds of successful bloggers on medium – a free website with no SEO or options whatsoever. Also remember that people on medium do not make hundreds of thousands dollars just from their blog. Platform is definitely important and saying that from the perspective of a web developer, SEO expert and a blogger. And I’m a regular paid contributor on medium as well.

    I love medium, but if you’re a serious blogger with growth in mind, soon you’re bound to be limited by all other platforms except for WordPress. That’s pretty much a guarantee. Yes, WordPress has more options, plugins and it’s easier to optimize your content for SEO, but it won’t make or break your future success. What matters is the work you put in, the marketing you do and the content you create. If WIX is easier, get started with that and do the work. If you get to a point where you are so successful that you want your own platform you’ll have enough money to outsource that completely.

    Another thing about WIX is that I had never seen a WIX site that didn’t have major issues! Get a good developer to set up your site with WordPress and you should be good, really. Go with a good Hosting so your site is fast and secure. Really, if you’re a blogger with monetization in mind, you should seriously consider WordPress, Or at least choose something like SquareSpace. SquareSpace is still limited, but at least it’s better than WIX.

    If you’re turning to WIX just because it’s a drag n drop platform. Be informed that you can also do that in WordPress using a variety of page builder plugin. Never use WIX again because it sucks for SEO. So avoid using SquareSpace or WIX if your goal is to monetize your site. Both use an engine that google is not friendly with and you don’t own your data, they do. Go read your WIX terms of service. It will scare the bejesus out of you.

    I once again recommend WordPress but use a managed host who also provides care services to keep your site up to date. You don’t need to be a techie to use WordPress but you do need some basic knowledge on how to keep the site up and running securely. If that’s not something you want to learn, then managed with care is the way to go. Use OceanWP Theme which is one of the best WordPress theme and its easy and there is incredible technical support. And you own your data.

    You want WordPress and you have to get past the “I’m not techy thing.” like learning to read, playing the piano, etc. Learning some basic website stuff is going to be essential if you want to make money online. Ditch your limiting belief and let’s gooooo!

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