What’s Best Professional Web Design Software For Begginers?


Best and most intuitive website builder to create a simple page for a memorial scholarship?

I’m not a web developer, just helping out a friend. I have worked with WORDPRESS and WIX.

3 main requirements:

  1. EASY to update
  2. Drag and drop
  3. Securely accepts $ donations (in a user-friendly way)

My initial thought is SQUARESPACE. Recommendations?

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  1. If you want maximum power and flexibility in the long-term (with some initial work to get started), I would recommend WordPress. And in that case, Thrive Architect is the best WordPress page builder plugin. The plugin by itself doesn’t do payments. But you can always integrate it with a shopping cart or membership plugin, or directly link to a PayPal payment button.

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  2. You might want to consider Strikingly. It is very easy to use, and I located at least one donor add-on, Donorbox, that seems like it would do what you need. (I use Strikingly for two sites which I host. One is a store, and the other simply gathers email addresses.)

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