What is The Best WordPress Security Plugins and Services? Sucuri Vs Wordfence?


SUCURI VS WORDFENCE? Which is best for WORDPRESS Security plugin? I want to use them for my membership site for Newspaper. If you suggest Sucuri .. i will use their complete website security that will cost me around $199 ..But still confused which one is best for me..I am using 1AND1 Managed WordPress Hosting.

please help me to decide.

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  1. Depends what you mean by Sucuri though. Do you mean their WAF (Web application firewall), or just their plugin? Those two are two completely different beasts. In my experience Sucuri (the plugin) and Wordfence compliment each other. Sucuri gives you logging and hardening possibilities, while Wordfence do more of the firewall kind of work.

    I have been very happy with the WAF service from Sucuri, and have also hired them to help me secure hacked web sites before with great success. I don’t know the WAF service from Wordfence so can’t comment on how it stacks up to Sucuris service. I believe you do get access to help if there is a successful hack from Sucuri, not sure how Wordfence handles those kinds of things – so that might be something to consider when evaluating them. (Edit: I see that the malware cleanup service from Sucuri is $299 a year)

    Another suggestion is that consider changing your hosting. 1and1 had never been a good web hosting provider. Consider using WPX Hosting for Managed WordPress Hosting

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