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  1. DreamHost is okay. I was with them, their customer service skills has some lacking a few years ago. The hosting is fine though. They’ve very much improved in that regard. I use them for shared hosting and a VPS, and I’ve been a customer for 10 years. I don’t think I’ve been with any other online provider for anything close to that long – and there are good reasons! Love Dreamhost so far, although needed VPS, and have been extremely happy with it.

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  2. DreamHost and BlueHost. Both decent for hosting. They provide domains also, but you should always separate your domain from your hosting.

    Thrive Themes has a bunch of easy to set up themes. This can get you started, and many large sites still use Thrive.

    MailerLite is a useful AutoResponder for blog and small business.

    I’d recommend starting off small, then worrying about space when needed. You shouldn’t have any space issues for a small first site.

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