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  1. What is a Sales Funnel?

    A sales funnel describes the journey your potential buyer go through on their way to becoming actual buyer.

    How Sales Funnel website works using WordPress?

    You Need A Landing Page Builder First. We Recommend Thrive Architect. Then You Need A Lead Generation Plugin. We Use Thrive Leads As A Lead Generation Plugin. Now Make Your Landing Page And Start Getting Leads.

    Why is Sales Funnel Important?

    Sales Funnel Helps To Pick A Marketing Strategy. It Helps You Know How To Relate To Your Customers. Sales Funnel Helps To Generate More Leads Which Means More Sales. It gives an edge against other newbie entrepreneurs. Sales Funnel Can Help To Improve On The Ways You Can Grow Your Business.

    How much does it cost to build a sales funnel?

    Anywhere from $1500-20,000 or more. It depends who you hire. Some will include emails, copy, graphics, design, etc. The going rate is around $200 on Fiverr, but remember you get what you pay for. Those on Fiverr will just use a template and put all the copy and graphics you give them in there. But if that is what you can afford, it is a starting point.

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