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  1. Thrive Themes is hands down easier and they are constantly rolling out new products. They are more than just a WordPress Theme and offer many tools like Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder for succeeding online. Just read their blog posts to see how helpful their products are for your online success!

    The WordPress page builder from Thrive Themes namely Thrive Architect is one of the best drag and drop wordpress page builder for marketers. Thrive Themes has more then 300 conversion optimized landing page templates designed by top marketing experts which will boost your online success compare to other page builders templates.

    So it is strongly recommended by us to go with Thrive Architect, but what is best for one person may not be best for someone else so before you purchase Thrive Architect make sure that you liked it and need it for your website. I know Thrive has a 30 or 60 day money back guarantee so you can play around to see if it’s the best landing page builder for you also like us.

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  2. I watched video and read lots of post about both of them, as i am just beginning so a lot of them i don’t have clue about, just trying to find something easier.


    I’ve tried both and prefer Thrive Themes much more! Thrive Themes is a complete package. I am on my second year with them. DIVI is too much slow i heard.

  3. I’ve had terrible luck with Elegant Themes. Every single one I had tried had glitches. I suggest Genesis Themes because they are high quality designs to begin with and customizations are easier to learn than with other themes because its a consistent framework.

    I think Thrive Themes is a good framework as well so its good in general to just stick to a theme framework vs random themes. You’ll just get to know the theme language better that way. Genesis themes are highly regarded for their quality and have a really great community of developers around theme that make it easy to find answers when you need it.

  4. I use DIVI from Elegant Themes and recommend it. Their other themes aren’t that great except for maybe Extra and I do agree with the glitches Sabra mentioned since everything except DIVI and Extra doesn’t get regularly updated. You can purchase a lifetime license from Elegant Themes for $250 and even play around with the Divi Visual Builder Demo to see if it’s your style before you commit to buying

    I do like Genesis as well, but most of my client projects end up getting built in Divi.

  5. Hello. I use Thrive Architect for everything, my websites and my landing pages. I love it! So easy to use. I haven’t used anything else before apart from a free theme that wasn’t great and made me realise I must pay to get something that looks better! So I can’t compare to DIVI or anything like that. I find the support is very good with Thrive, they get back to you really quickly and never close a ticket until you are happy.

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