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Hey guys, wanted to know your opinion on going with WORDPRESS and using Thrive Themes ( landing pages, leads, page builder, etc) instead of DIVI Theme and  Divi Visual Builder.

Its better i think for SEO and i get to control site more easily. I would appreciate any feedback. I’ll be using Thrive Themes for agency lead generation, Affiliate Marketing, Blogs and Membership sites. Has anyone used Thrive Landing Pages? What about integrations, payment gateways, etc? Is it user friendly?

Admin have you used it before? Any thoughts? Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

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  1. I use my WordPress (OceanWP) website With Thrive Architect for creating my agency landing pages for my clients website. I personally deeply dislike ClickFunnels because it’s buggy and annoying and mostly because you don’t own the platform. If you want to stop working with them all your assets will be gone. I prefer having full control and ownership.

    I also like and Use DIVI Theme for client’s having a small business website who has very little interaction with their website. DIVI has a lifetime license which is a perfect fit for small business websites on a budget. With a Good Web Hosting speed is mearly matter nowadays.

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  2. I personally prefer Thrive over DIVI because there is less junk code with Thrive Architect and But these are both page builders and some people swear by DIVI. Created lots of Landing Page  and Sales Funnel With Thrive Themes Plugin Suits

  3. I use WordPress anytime I want to create a “money site” for a long-term business idea in the digital/service/software space. I use ClickFunnels to build video or webinar funnels, and also membership sites like Ecom Empires, or anything short term because I find it’s easier and quicker to get professional-level results on those types of projects. For WordPress I use OptimizePress as my theme and Landing Page.

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