Thrive Architect Vs Elementor?


I love THRIVE ARCHITECT but never tried ELEMENTOR PAGE BUILDER. Does anyone know how they differ (if at all) ?

How is Thrive Architect or Elementor Pro is better at making a whole WORDPRESS website? Do you mean the templates? I made my whole site with Thrive. Does Elementor offer better website building things ? just wondering.

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Sophie M Ploeg 2 months 1 Answer 1

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  1. I use both extensively. Elementor lacks the Sales Funnel integration features of Thrive Architect the Thrive Themes addons features of quizzes and membership sites. But it is great for quick and easy landing pages plus you can do complex websites with it (just finished a nearly 120 page site all built on Thrive Architect and OceanWP). I love Thrive Themes for funnels. I am in the process of using it integrated with my new personal website (built on Thrive Architect and OceanWP). So decide what features you need then chose Thrive Architect vs Elementor based on their strengths and weaknesses.

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