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  1. Thrive Architect is the best page builder. It is absolutely brilliant, been using it for a couple of years now and it’s basically an all in one marketing tool without the monthly costs and ugly URLs. Cant recommend it enough. OP and Lead Pages were the leaders in the market due to integration and templates but IMO Thrive has surpassed them by miles.

    Beaver Builder and Thrive Architect are both good. Thrive has more features, and Beaver Builder is easier to customize. Thrive sent out surveys to add more feature it doesn’t have. And I asked to add certain things that Beaver Builder has that make them better in certain areas. Thrive is good at adding new features so I will suggest you go with Thrive Architect.

    It took some time to get used to Thrive Architect, some other WordPress page builders are more intuitive and there are minor glitches but after getting the hang of it I do prefer it to other page builders. Good thing about the Thrive team is they try improve their product regularly. I created lots of SALES FUNNEL for me and my clients as well. Previously i was with CLICKFUNNELS and after introducing with Thrive Architect now I always use Thrive Architect as my sales funnel builder.  See Thrive Architect vs ClickFunnels comparison for making sales funnels.

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  2. Go for Thrive Architect if you are not good playing with WordPress. Beaver Builder if you like spend some more time. Although I love Genesis, but the problem is that after installing one of their themes, your site will look nothing like their demo site. And you have to be a coder and a designer to make it look similar while customizing it all for your needs, and that is a really tall order for most people. Thrive has 300+ great page templates + great drag-n-drop content builder and a bunch of related plugins.


    I don’t use Beaver Builder but I use Thrive Architect Page Builder. Thrive Architect toolset is great for conversion focused websites (in fact this is or was their USP). You can use it for other purposes but, for example, if you or your client want a fancy slider you’ll have to install another plugin – Thrive doesn’t have or will have those because are not conversion focused elements, unless they change it on the new theme This is not a big deal cause there are good alternatives but for some users this kind of fancy elements are a must on their projects so take it on consideration for your decision.


    I use Beaver Builder. It is very solid and offers (via Themer) great developer features for integrating fields and using conditional display etc. Doesn’t necessarily have all the bells and whistles but Themer is imo better than Elementor Pro’s similar feature which lacks some rules and conditions.


    I’ve found Thrive Architect to be the easiest to use when it cones to handing off a finished project to a client to maintain. the front end editor makes it so much easier to make limited changes they client can do themselves. from a professional standpoint, i think Thrive Architect has a solid array of tools and their grid system is pretty solid too. would like to see them incorporate flexbox, but maybe it’s already been added.


    I have used both and I believe that Thrive Architect is better for designers while Beaver Builder is better for developers and anyone who wants more modules. I have also found that Thrive Architect works better with Genesis Framework Themes.

    All my designer friends prefer Thrive Architect because they say it’s easier to go from PSD mock-up to faithful page with Thrive Architect.

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