Is Shared Hosting Secure?


I want to start a blog but I’m on a budget so I’m thinking of buying a domain name from NAMECHEAP and hosting it with them on SHARED HOSTING but i heard that shared hosting is not safe. I want to use shared hosting because it’s very cheap.

But if anyone have any alternative to other hosting plan i will gladly be grateful. Thanks in advance.

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JudonDasylvaOganiru 2 months 1 Answer 0

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  1. Shared Hosting is fine. But, check for a host that offers free SSL from LetsEncrypt. It should be one click install. SSL isn’t very expensive, but I’d only deal with someone who offers it, because it’s free and companies shouldn’t try to sell for money.

    Just do your backups. Once you grow and start making money, you can switch to better hosting.

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