Is GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Good?


Hello Everyone,

Something weird happening on my blog page, I see a lot of posts in there that I didn’t post at all when I called GODADDY they said this is kind of malware from Russia and we can clean it for $299 per year.

Any idea how I can fix this? should I buy a specific plugin? or any other way to solve it?

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  1. Another blogger victimised by GoDaddy I am sorry about the issue. I am a developer and technical support provider. Definitely you don’t need to pay that much to Godaddy. Test your website with Sucuri malware scanner and clean it. Make sure to take backup, remove the malware, clean the database and remove backdoor.

    If it finds any malicious files make sure to FTP to your server and take a copy of them before repairing. Once clean rerun a scan. Make sure to update WORDPRESS core and plugins and change passwords. Also check you have no additional users that you don’t recognise.

    And finally try to move from godaddy to another hosting company. Find out about some good hosting company.  You should always keep domain separate from hosting company.

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