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Where Do I Put The Google Tracking Code in WORDPRESS? I Am Using ELEMENTOR Page Builder And ASTRA WordPress Theme? Do I Need To Install A Plugin To Do This? The last thing I want to do is Download another plugin. I am hoping Elementor or Astra would have it like DIVI WordPress Theme.

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  1. You can use a variety of plugins, I have no idea if it’s built into Elementor. SEO Plugins may have it if you using any one? It’s not a theme function. Monster Insights is probably the best plugin for Google Analytics.
    Be wary of analytics vs adwords and then also if you meed to implement triggers cause those are more detailed-otherwise use a plugin or if you’re a gangster throw the code just under <head> in the header.php section under “editor”. Below is a video that will guide you through the steps needed to insert your Google analytics code into Astra theme.

    Remember that You want to use a dedicated plugin. As if you add it to the theme or another plugin you can run into issues if you ever want to change them.

    This works well:

    Don’t forget to optimize your images for better performances, here you can see how to speed up wordpress websites . We also have answered question about Elementor Page Builder vs Thrive Architect

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