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  1. Web Hosting company can be an issue. You can hire somebody to improve your website performance. There can be many factors! Using WP Rocket plugin may help, but you should look first at all the details to find out where the problem is. You can use GTMETRIX and Pingdom Tools for that.

    Add a CDN (Content Distribution Network) like CloudFlare on top of your hosting, the basic plan is for free and can help your website speed a lot.

    Tacking on a cache plugin is like a band-aid solution but it will help. You really need to optimize the order your scripts are loading, minimize all files, optimize images, set up a CDN and check server speed. It should be a job for your developer if you have one but you can start out with a cache plugin WP Rocket and WP Smush for your images and see if it makes a difference?

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