Flatsome Vs Avada for WordPress Woocommerce Store?


I am looking for WORDPRESS WooCommerce Theme to create an online store. I had a loot at OceanWP WordPress Theme but can’t find an RTL demo of OceanWP, not sure if it will work RTL out of the box. I don’t use any page builder, just the good old classic editor. I see OceanWP are selling Extensions separately, I really hate that kind of thing. I don’t know what Elementor Page Builder/Oxygen Page Builder are. I hate any type of builder, I like to write HTML directly and then add CSS.

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  1. None of those two! OceanWP is a great theme in combination with Elementor page builder. Avada WordPress Theme is frankly a bit of a mess and spits out a wall of code for no real sane reason. And Flatsome is a tad bugged as well.

    RTL support for OceanWP theme can be easily enabled via OceanWP Child Theme. It is always a more viable option other than spending the same amount of time looking for another theme. More importantly, OceanWP theme has a much better product>cart>checkout flow. For example, changing items in your cart was confusing to customers when using Avada. That was a deal breaker and I dropped the theme years ago. As a Woo user, You should put “store function” above everything else.

    With Avada theme a massive stylesheet load for Revolution Slider, even though you disabled the slider (never used it). I switched from Avada to OceanWP a few years ago and now build exclusively in OceanWP…although if you don’t use the visual building with Elementor you won’t like OceanWP. Avada’s code got bloated and buggy (and slow) which was the reason for the switch.

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    I am using Flatsome for 4 or 5 websites also. Same observation : it’s rather flexible theme where it’s easy to customize templates and functions. I like it really. UX composer is somewhat limited IMO when i comes to composing unique pages, so you will have to add another WordPress Page Builder maybe or code some CSS/custom templates if you are comfortable doing so 🙂 But never had any serious issues with Flatsome.


    I’ve been using Flatsome as a base for a dozen WordPress Websites, both WooCommerce and non-WC sites. I also do heavy customization in terms of template modifications and custom features that are not included in either. Flatsome is much faster, cleaner, and more flexible so I really see no reason to choose Avada over Flatsome.

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