Elementor vs Thrive Architect Which Page Builder Is Fast?


My Home Page Was On THRIVE ARCHITECT And I Switched It To ELEMENTOR Page Builder. It Went From A B To A C. Anyone Have Any Ideas Why It Would Do This? The Rest Of The Site Is Built On ASTRA THEME And Elementor (Of Course). I Have To Switch It Back To Thrive Architect For Now.

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Vandana Taxali 1 month 1 Answer 0

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  1. Maybe because Elementor loads more JS/CSS files. You don’t need to switch your page builder just because the score dropped. Look at the load time. Is it still fast? If the load time is still low you can stick with Elementor, because load time is the only thing that matters.

    Add a caching plugin like WP-ROCKET and test it after you have checked all the options in there (test each one but all should be able to be check marked and enabled with no issue, depending what other plugins you have). For me, it’s the best caching plugin I’ve used.

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