Domain Registration And Hosting With Different Companies?


Hi everyone, I am currently using NAMECHEAP for my hosting as well as my domain registration.
SO FAR I haven’t had any trouble out of them. Support is live chat (only thing I am not fond of). I started the 2nd year with them and now wondering if I could be doing better.
Thanks for any input in advance.

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Jeff Ferguson 2 months 2 Answers 0

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  1. I recommend using separate vendors for your DOMAIN registration and your hosting. That way, if you get into a dispute with your hosting provider you can just move your site to another host and change the DNS to point to the new host.

    This is real life: it happened to me. Back when I had my very first ever website, I had the domain registration and the hosting both with one company, and then I got into a dispute with that company.

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  2. My theory is that if everything is working great, speed is great, support is good, the price is right and your Website is constantly available and working well then don’t change a thing.

    I once had a great hosting service, but started having major issues with their customer support/service. So I switched and was in Heaven. But a few years later that company got acquired by the one I left, so I’m back to where I started from. The point is that I had found a service that was good in all the important areas and leaving for something potentially better was never an option. Now that I’m back where I started, I need to regroup and see if it is worth it to leave over customer service/support while everything else is excellent.

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