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  1. Been using Cloudflare on my own and client sites for over 7 years. Only seen one site running Cloudflare get hacked and that happened after a client literally changed their password to their domain name plus 123 (palm to face)

    That said, I agree with the idea of 1) using a Managed WordPress Hosting that knows what they are doing (WPEngine, WPX Hosting for examples) or running WordFence or Sucuri too.

    From a development and speed perspective, I love using Cloudflare to avoid propagation delays (its instant through cloudflare). Blocking botnets before the domain name is called also reduced CPU over load for fake traffic.

    CloudFlare Works great to stop malicious folks. There was a time where someone was hitting my Gravity Forms really hard, I use the Firewall for manual blocks, entire IP blocks, and it worked like a charm.

    We normally use both Cloudflare and Wordfence, the cloudflare paid features can be worth it depending on the site used, but just keep in mind multiple forms of protections are better. Check your hosting companies Knowledge as well. We manage our own VPS as we can then manage and control a lot more aspects of security and protection

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