Divi Or Thrive Architect For Best WordPress Landing Page Templates?


Attention WORDPRESS users – I’m in search of recommendation(s) for your favorite WordPress templates. I need some suggestions for the best WordPress templates to use for doing things like designing basic landing pages and SLAES FUNNEL all the way to full blown multi-page business websites. And before you ask, I am interested in replacing CLICKFUNNELS . I am interested in adding wordpress to my list of tools. So any recommendations you have for the most versatile and easy to use wordpress templates would be greatly appreciated. By the way I have basic/intermediate level coding skills so I need something that doesn’t require hard-core knowledge of programming. Thanks friends! I don’t need LEADPAGES or INSTAPAGE because i want self hosted WordPress solutions.

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  1. If You Are Looking For A Base Theme, OceanWP Is Really Good. It Has Functionality But Not Full Of CSS And JavaScript That You Won’t Use.

    I’m a big fan of the Thrive Architect Page Builder Plugin. Thrive Architect basically allow you to add columns and rows to any page/post on any theme, then populate those “Cells” with different elements – makes the process pretty simple. Thrive Themes Architect Plugin works great for landing pages, and they are working for a theme builder as well. Good support.

    If you are wanting to build sales funnels quickly then Thrive Themes (Architect) is the deal you need. I use it for all my WordPress clients. Has loads of pre-built funnels for you to load and edit. Don’t use Visual Composer, or Cornerstone (Themeco) as most of it’s features are content locked. if you ever decide to leave and switch to something else, you will be left with shortcode soup!

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    Go to ThemeForest, click on WordPress, sort by most popular, go through the demos, read the reviews, etc. I’ve been running my 1-person web design business for almost 10 years doing this.

    I use a theme to start, one that has excellent functionality, then I adjust the theme settings, and edit CSS as needed. Plenty of themes where you don’t have to edit any code if you don’t want to.

    You can find 1 theme that is flexible and can do a lot of things, or you can find a perfect theme for each scenario. I do both.

    I am very confident that I can teach anyone in the world how to use WordPress / WooCommerce. I created a 5 hour video course teaching my exact process.

    I will always be a huge fan of WordPress but I’m just getting started with ClickFunnels. I’ll continue to do both too. Ask me any questions if needed.

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