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The customer service from SITEGROUND Web Hosting tells me that I can’t disable WORDPRESS auto updates because of security issues. This is a big problem for us as we can not test the site before the update and it may create incompatibilities with some of our plugins. Anybody with similar experience? Any alternative?

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  1. SiteGround send a warning before they update. In that time you can go into sensitive sites and do the updates yourself. Check into using Easy Updates Manager wordpress plugin which i tested on Siteground and worked.
    Now they only give 24 hours to stop auto update. Personally, I do not have problem with auto updates. Yes, lot of other people would, which I understand – no one wants broken websites!

    Remember that Having an updated WordPress website is important for website security. If you want to disable Auto Update system, you can post a ticket and request your site to be removed from SiteGround AutoUpdate system.

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    I personally prefer to let WordPress carry out security and maintenance updates automatically – The native WP feature is much faster than The SG tool. But I can’t have a host auto update major releases as I don’t always have time to check 30+ sites immediately… I certainly wouldn’t want to update to WP 5.0 with Gutenberg immediately or automatically. Siteground doesn’t mention anywhere the need to remove core update=false from config.php though , that line stays after they disable the auto update tool for you and stops all auto updates, which in my opinion is a bad thing and easily overlooked by less knowledgeable users.

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