ClickFunnels vs WordPress?


CLICKFUNNELS Vs WORDPRESS For Creating Landing Pages?

Which One Is Better For SEO? Is ClickFunnels good at being SEO optimized for your ClickFunnels pages to use them as a main web site page? I’m considering using WordPress as a website front home page’ and keeping my existing CF webinar funnels etc that my new WordPress site will link to. Is it worth the effort to create a new web site home page with much better SEO rankings?

Is ClickFunnels good enough and shall I just keep that?

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  1. Ok. So I’m going to rock some people’s world when I say this, but ClickFunnels is not much different for SEO than WordPress. There’s a tiny bit of optimization available through SEO Plugin that gives it an edge over ClickFunnels. But if you set your metadata right, social tags/image, and then structure the funnel page like a webpage, there will be no SEO penalty. If all you need is a website homepage, then you can do it in ClickFunnels.

    On the other hand, if you want to implement a highly effective content marketing strategy, use WordPress. It’s way better at this. Then link to ClickFunnels landing pages, or host them at your WordPress site using the plugin.

    However like WIX, ClickFunnels has it’s own platform that doesn’t provide the structure and while word press to has it’s limitations, people with WP have a hosting account, which means they can create, for example, HTML pages, and add them into the file manager through the cPanel. That then allows people people to submit a site map (and more) not based off of a third party platform such as WIX. I have been doing SEO years now and what can be done with a WordPress hosting account is far different than what one can do with ClickFunnels. We have conducted case studies using ClickFunnels and our methods. One side would be SEO for ClickFunnels and the other WordPress Hosting. The results we get outside of ClickFunnels platform are remarkably greater than when we applied our methods to ClickFunnels by a ratio of nearly 100 to 1.

    That said, we do NOT suggest to anybody to use SEO and a cure all. SEO will not, when working alone, produce the results people expect, however, the SEO, when done right, will at the very least, position somebody for the potential of more clicks.

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  2. Use Thrive Architects. It’s the best page builder for WordPress. Amazing in fact. You still need to do payment though and for that use ThriveCart or WooCommerce With CartFlow Upselling Plugin.

    Everything You Are Doing With ClickFunnels Can be Done With WordPress Which Will Save Your Money And You Can Utilize The Savings To Advertising.

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