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  1. Well.. If question was asked to compare wordpress & clickfunnels it would made sense but wix and cf, really?? Cf is beast, wp is monster and wix – I don’t know. See Our WordPress vs ClickFunnels Comparison.

    Clickfunnels has a members area. And no wix is not set up to deliver like clickfunnels. Plus you get a much cooler community. Clickfunnels is designed to take people through a funnel. It’s designed to guide your customer to the sale. A website however is designed to show a customer all the things you do with several different tabs. People on average spend 7 seconds on a website and unless they know exactly what you want them to do and where you want them to go customers will skim your site, maybe click on a few tabs, get confused and or overwhelmed and leave. Confused people never buy! A funnel immediately calls them to action and “takes their hand” throughout the process that you want them to go. Does that make sense?

    Wix is a joke, they own all your intellectual content and property and you can’t leave their platform and take your work with you. SEO is -10 from WIX. Their customer service is archaic and cf does everything you need and they do membership sites / payments better than WIX.

    Wix is to make simple website.ClickFunnels is too different and ClickFunnels it not to host website on it many new users think clickfunnels is to create a new personal or company website but the true that clickfunnels is a tool that help you create sales funnel to convert visitors to a customers

    For creating landing pages and Sales Funnels we recommend WordPress CMS. Use OceanWP WordPress Theme And WooCommerce For Accepting Payments. Get Thrive Architect Landing Page Builder And CartFlows Upselling plugin. Your cost will be minimized by 500%. See What Is The Best Hosting Platform For WordPress Websites.

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