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  1. They are similar, but not exactly the same.I’ve used both.

    ClickFunnels is made for sales funnels so it allows you to take a payment within the system if you integrate with a payment service such as Stripe.

    Thrive Themes Architect can do it also, but it’s not as easy like ClickFunnels. You will need to add some plugins to capture the payment from funnels which is not that hard. There are thousands of video tutorials available in YouTube.

    ClickFunnels is also not directly attached to your website. You have to give it a subdomain which means ClickFunnels can go down while your site is up and vice versa since its, a different system than your website.

    Thrive Themes Architect is a WordPress plugin that lives on your site so if the site goes down so does your funnel, but if you have a host that stays up then your funnel stays up. Because Thrive uses WordPress as a base you can make a full functioning site with Thrive.

    ClickFunnels can be used to make websites, but that is not the primary purpose, and there are things that it can’t do, unless you buy additional tools, and even then it has things it can’t do.

    For the purpose of building funnels ClickFunnels is little more intuitive. Thrive Themes Architect has more flexibility with the design going by most recent experience with ClickFunnels.

    Which one you should choose depends on your situation.

    If you have a website, but just want to add a sales funnel and collect payment then CF is a good choice but not the best. If you want to make landing pages, and you want a full site, but don’t want to bother with code and/or want to host it on a site such as SiteGround then go with Thrive Architect.

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  2. As far as funnel goes, you can accomplish similar things in wordpress. You can use thrive architect or beaver builder or any other builder you prefer. Thrive themes has a full suite of sales plugins and that’s why is more popular. You can build your own wordpress site yourself but it’s not easy.

    ClickFunnels is easier to set up and it costs $100 to $300 a month.

    For wordpress you have to know what you need. Thrive themes with a Cart. This is also very simple with wordpress to make those 2 talk, so it’s doable.

    The advantage of wordpress is that the site is much cheaper to run once you set it up. You might be able to pay for an unlimited license for both the cart and thrive themes so the cost might be higher initially than CF. However, there are no monthly fees in wordpress other than the regular hosting.

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