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Which security plugins would you recommend for WordPress sites? I’m currently using CLOUDFLARE for my sites but would like to ask if this is enough?

Would I still need to install other plugins such as WORDFENCE and AKISMET? If yes, which plugins would you recommend? (Preferably free plugins)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Akismet good to prevent spam comments. Wordfence is for overall security. For two layers, you can add iThemes Security on top.

    No CloudFlare is no where near enough. I suggest a ithemes security plugin. Also change the admin URL path to something else, (which can be done in ithemes). I suggest disabling the WP comments if not important for you as you will just get spammed to death. Try using Disqus or Facebook comments instead.

    Any difference between Wordfence and iThemes Security?

    Lots of differences. If you pick only one, I would go with WordFence. If you want both, it gives you extra security. One is more of a firewall. The other is more of a security settings suite. Both have malware scanning.

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