Best WordPress Hosting for Thrive Themes?


Which hosting provider do you use with Thrive Themes? Are you satisfied with the loading time? I’m currently using BlueHost Hosting with the Rise Theme From Thrive Themes and the loading time is unacceptable. I’m thinking of changing hosting providers.

My hosting service provider is telling me that my site uses an excessive amount of the server’s CPU resources. Has anyone else encountered this issue? They are saying that my Thrive Themes & Plugins are a potential source of this problem.

What is the fastest hosting company for using Thrive Themes?

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  1. It’s more than likely plugins and not the theme unless you have built pretty complex pages. Try turning off all non-critical plugins and load a page with few if any graphics or images. If it’s still slow then it’s probably the host.

    If you need to stick with shared hosting due to affordability, I have been quite satisfied with InMotion Hosting.

    I used BlueHost and had problems with site outages and load speed. Switched to InMotion Shared Hosting and haven’t had any issues since. InMotion Hosting has 24/7 live chat and here customer service is the best of any company I have ever had.

    WPX Hosting is one of the best managed WordPress hosting provider and also recommended by Thrive Themes.

    All Features Of WPX Hosting

    Use different provider for domain and web host for your advantage. We use NameCheap for domain and InMotion Hosting for host. Price is cheaper than others but good Customer support.

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  2. You’re on shared hosting? Also having hard to diagnose errors, update failures and random weirdness in your site? Their server that your site is on is getting busier and they are trying to reduce the load so they can make more money off it. They’ll do this by restricting memory, CPU and process run time all at once (and yes, restricting memory and CPU leads to longer running processes). Long running processes will be forcibly terminated by their “monitor” service / daemon. And you will be left scratching your head trying to work out what caused the errors you see.

    Time to change hosts. Possibly even consider a VPS. It’s not much more $$ per month, and you don’t waste time chasing phantom errors. Your site runs well and your backups will always complete correctly.

    For a Faster Shared Hosting Use WPX Hosting Or FlyWheel

  3. WPX Hosting without a doubt…even Shane From Thrive Themes recommends them. For over a year, I’ve never had to wait for more than 30 seconds for an answer from support and you get a free CDN. I’ve moved all my sites to them now.


    BlueHost ruined my business. ALL of my email from my URLS hosted by BlueHost went into spam boxes for gmail, yahoo and others. It wasn’t until I moved to WPX Hosting that my emails started being delivered again. I don’t want to pay an additional fee for office for each of my emails to arrive. I left BlueHost they kept saying it wasn’t them – but it WAS!


    I’m with WPX Hosting, great support. They setup WordPress Multisite on subfolders for me on a live site, which WP doesn’t natively allow you to do, live sites can only use subdomains for multisite. But they went in and edited the code for me to get it to work. I’m very happy with them.

    Live chat 24/7. Nightly backups that don’t affect performance (don’t ever do backups with a plugin). Free staging/sandbox/testing site. CDN(speeds your site up dramatically).


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