Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners?


Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners who just starting out? I’ve been using HOSTGATOR for 4 years now & have just moved my own site to WPENGINE.

We’ve had hiccups on HostGator for the last 6 months (not major, but enough to make me wonder if there is something better).

What are your recommendations for hosting for beginners who are just starting a blog or small biz website & why? Is Bluehost best wordpress hosting for beginners.

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  1. DreamHost works like charm, using is for last 7+ years for my smaller websites. Besides being economical, it is optimized for WordPress and even provide features for big scale up (just in case you require in future, like vps). New account sign up get you free domain for quick startup.

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  2. FlyWheel has a plan that starts at $15. DreamHost is about $10, I think. Personally, I think you’ll need to determine if it needs to be more economical or made for beginners. DreamHost isn’t particularly intuitive for a beginner – plus there’s no live support – only email support. Flywheel is a bit more expensive but comes with a lot of hand holding + phone support during regular business hours.

  3. Of the cheap hosts, I like InMotion Hosting the best. I would not recommend Dreamhost to anyone, as my personal experience with them (and that of several of my clients) leaves much to be desired. I’ve actually been looking at Flywheel as a potential host to recommend to my clients who don’t want to pay WP Engine prices.


    SiteGround is by far and away the best shared hosting option. Their upper level (GoGeek) are WPEngine quality hosting for half the price also. If you’re interested, PM me and I can introduce you to Hristo who represents them. He’s an amazing advocate for the WordPress community and does top level service.


    I’ve been using Web Synthesis – they are a little more expensive but I’m running a few sites on them and collecting hosting fees to cover the cost. Their customer service is superb. I typically go by the motto ‘get what you pay for.’ I’ve also heard great things about Flywheel. When I started out, I used Media Temple and found their solution awesome and the customer service excellent. I know Web Synthesis uses Media Temple as their backbone as well. Good luck!

  4. I’m in the UK and I use a UK based shared host – 5quidhost. (5quid is slang for £5). They offer various levels of hosting from free to CDN and I use their “turbo” shared hosting which is fast enough for me.They are reasonably priced and they are very helpful when I have problems, which is what you need from a host.Unfortunately 5quidhost only have servers in the UK so I wouldn’t recommend them if you are US based.If I ever decided to go with managed hosting I’d go with you guys and choose WP Engine – I only hear good things about them.The downside of shared hosting – cost!

  5. People without experience need to either

    a) learn to do it the right way from an expert or

    b) pay an expert tip do it for them.

    This is why selecting a great host matters. Another nod to Flywheel in this department – their quick install of WordPress let’s you select your user name, password and gives you a complex database prefix (not the standard wp_).


    I’m a big fan of DreamHost I was a “newbie” .Anyhow I picked them because they are based in California and I like there 60 day deal they have …if for some reason you can’t pay your hosting you have up to 60 days to pay it …. That was a selling point for me because at the time I was in collage and some times those $10 had to go for bus fare . If I was going to tell a client about hosting I’d probably send them to RFE .

    I been with DreamHost since 2002 . Haven’t had major problems and the guys there have always been super helpful


    I would also caution against BlueHost – I’ve been with them for several years, and initially loved them, but their downtime keeps increasing (as does time to connect to someone via support chat). This last week my site went down at least 3x that I’m aware of (usually for an hour or more). I’ve been hearing great things about SiteGround lately, and plan to switch to them before my BlueHost account is up for renewal next month.

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