Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins? WPforms Pro vs Gravity Forms Elite?


What’s The Best WORDPRESS Form Builder Plugin? WPForms Pro ($199) vs Gravity Forms Elite ($259): if you’ve worked with both, which would you choose to pay for next time you need an extensive form tool kit? If they’re relatively equal in terms capability, then which is most friendly to non developer? (limiting it to just those two because they have user registration moderation/manual approval capabilities).

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  1. Between those two, Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms is what I use hands down. WPforms is more user-friendly, but Gravity Forms is more powerful. That being said I know Gravity Forms plugin updating its UI to be more friendly too. I have used nearly every form plugin available and Gravity is the *only* one that never has let me down. Many of the wordpress form builder plugins have crippling bugs, many have less than acceptable support and, when you really need advanced features, most fall far short of Gravity’s capabilities.

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