Best Webinar Services & Plugins for WordPress Users?


Hey everyone! Any recommendations on any Webinar platforms to use with WORDPRESS? and also what is you guys using? Do you charge for your webinars? If so, how do you collect payments?

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Marion Barale 2 weeks 1 Answer 0

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  1. I recommend using YouTube Live and Stream for webinars right through to your website page. This helps your website with SEO since people are staying on website for a long time:). It is all free. Use thrive themes landing pages and Thrive Architect to set it all up on my website. YouTube automatically records your webinars.

    All my webinars are free. It is how you build my lists and place people into Sales Funnels. You can also sell directly on your webinars. For your paid courses use Facebook groups and have links to YouTube videos that are unlisted and also live videos in the group. You can also use wishlist member plugin in your website as the gatekeeper but hardly anyone goes there since FB is so much easier, They don’t have to remember a password etc.

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