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  1.  Thrive Themes recommend WPX Hosting is the best hosting provider for WordPress. From the cheaper ones, I’d go for InMotion Hosting or InterServer. Never use BlueHost for anything ever.

    I recommend InMotion Hosting which is very good, CloudWays I have used as well, very good service and performance yet a very different interface, and currently use A2Hosting which is also very good.

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  2. It’s more than likely plugins and not the theme unless you have built pretty complex pages.Try turning off all non-critical plugins and load a page with few if any graphics or images. If it’s still slow then it’s probably the host.

    If you need to stick with shared hosting due to affordability, I have been quite satisfied with InMotion Hosting.

    To make it more clear.. if you need a vps where you can configure everything just go with google clouds.. if you need a shared hosting I’d go with InMotion Hosting no doubt..


    I was on BlueHost and had problems with site outages and load speed. Switch to InMotion Hosting and haven’t had any issues since. BlueHost Sucks.

  3. I won’t recommend with which you should go. But I will suggest to avoid some fucking hype.

    1. GoDaddy, HostGator (Provide Shit With Respect To Price)
    2. SiteGround (I have tried to optimize some site and SiteGround Always Disappointed Me comparing to others.)
    3. Never go with a shared host which don’t disclose some info like amount of RAM, Number of processes per minute and I/O bandwidth speed. Those who don’t disclose at least amount of RAM are the fucking Providers

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