Best Siteground Alternatives For WordPress Hosting?


Looking for a reliable web host for my WORDPRESS websites. Currently with SITEGROUND which is a nightmare. Want suggestions for fast reliable shared hosting. Absolutely not doing shared hosting again. Will be happy for $300 a year pricing. I found VENTRAIP is very expensive for what i will get. Is Panthur SHARED HOSTING or VPS?

The Problem With SiteGround Web Hosting:

Emails not working, site taking over 3.6 secs to load for a small landing page. At least 3 times a month the site won’t load at all and SiteGround blame other users on the shared hosting. I could go on. Arrogant techs over priced never finish their work and leave you hanging for days.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

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  1. Most of shared hosting is garbage. Overpopulated servers, oldish setup, outpaced support service. Except the ones charging a premium price for it like Kinsta and Flywheel. SiteGround gets a lot of relative praise for WordPress hosting but as soon as their 2nd year fees jumped 3X for the same service, i left them.

    CloudWays might be a good option (but note that they don’t include email so you need to source an external email solution like SendGrid if your site needs to send emails).

    If you go with Cloudways I’d suggest picking a Vultr VPS for a good balance between speed and cost.

    Kinsta or Flywheel. But at $300/y, you’ll be only able to host 1 website there. They have a restricted storage and pageviews per month. It’s still a shared environment but with a fairer sharing policy compared to the ones billing $3-$5/m per website.

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