Any Genesis Page Builder Or Best Page Builder to Use with Genesis Framework Themes?


Does anyone use DIVI Visual Builder with GENESIS FRAMEWORK Themes? I use DIVI with Genesis nearly 100% of the time but I am looking for something that allows for A/B testing. We are iterating for hundreds of sites. I’ve already built using Divi + Genesis. Anyone know anything that will work with my existing system to allow me to A/B every detail on a page?

It seems like maybe Divi is superior in this area but I’m curious how well it plays with Genesis. Thoughts anyone?

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SabraDavisWilcox 2 months 1 Answer 0

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  1. If you want a nice page builder with A/B testing built in then look at the Thrive Architect (latest version of Thrive Content Builder – total rewrite and rebranding of an excellent tool) Many Genesis users turn to Beaver Builder or Divi if they want a feature rich page builder that doesn’t leave a “mess” behind.

    I typically dislike builders but that Thrive one looks excellent! I used Divi theme and page builder a lot, but switched to TA. Divi getting too buggy these days. You can definitely try Genesis with Thrive Architect so far as per my experience it’s far better than Divi.

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