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Does anyone use A SMALL ORANGE for web hosting? Is the load time fast on their sites if the website is optimized? Is there any downtime since they have automatic failovers?

I’m on INMOTION HOSTING right now, and was on SITE5 before that, and my sites are up and down all the time and load really slow even though they’re optimized.

I need something faster and more reliable for about the same price.

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    A Small Orange is an EIG company. (Most of the EIG owned web hosting seriously sucks although BlueHost has a reputation) I recommend checking out SiteGround or GreenGeeks.

    I’m about to switch over to SiteGround from 1&1 after way too much research! Anything owned by or connected with EIG is to be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS! Seriously. Once great hosts have been decimated by EIG in short order.

  1. I went with SiteGround, only to find out that their sales people sold me something they didn’t offer with the plan, so I cancelled. I can’t stand companies that mislead customers during the sales process just to close a deal. OK, well I will definitely keep looking then. I’m also thinking about InMotion Hosting, which someone else recommended to me, and LiquidWeb.

    SiteGround told me the plan I was buying was unlimited websites with a cPanel for each one so that I could manage each one by itself. Then, when I switched, the tech support guys said, oh, you need to be on the reseller plan to do that which was WAY more money than I’m paying at HostGator right now for individual cPanel. It was kind of a bait and switch deal where I had to pay more to get what they told me I was getting to begin with. That was a real turnoff for me, so I asked for my money back.

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